Sunday, December 8, 2013

Makeup Look of the Day: Just a Fun and Palyful Purple Look

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
The other day I was just trying to put on my makeup quick because my BFF was going to pick me up soon but I somehow ended up with this fun purple look. All I was going to do was put on one eye shadow color with some purple eye liner but that just didn't happen. I just kept putting on a little bit of this and a little bit of that and then I ended up with a full on purple look! When I was a teenager all I had was one or two eye shadows and that’s all I’d use for the whole year but now I have more eye shadows then I could ever need, and I don’t really do quick simple looks anymore.
Well I did do this look quick, it's just not that simple.
If you want to know how I did this quick but not so simple look then please read on.

This time I used an eye shadow primer and top it off with my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk which is just a white cream base so you can used what ever you have.
This will help make the colors pop more!
I applied a bright purple with a hint of blue color into my crease with my blending brush and then blended it out over the crease. I put a matte pink eye shadow over the purple and then blended the colors together
I then took a matte purple onto my eyelids with a flat eye shadow brush and then added a shimmery metallic purple with purple micro-glitter on top of the matte purple just to add the sparkle to the look.
I find it much easier to use my fingers when I’m added an eye shadow that has lots of glitter in it. When I used an eye shadow brush it just falls onto my face and makes a big mess.
To add a fun highlight to my brow bone I applied a metallic pink shadow with a golden iridescent micro-sparkle and I also applied this same color under my lower lash line.
For the tear ducts I had to use my all-time favorite color Shellshock from Urban Decay because I just can't get enough of this color.
For the eyeliners I used a dark purple color on my top lash line and then used a really black eyeliner for my waterline.
Then for the lashes I applied my favorite mascara of the moment which is they're real! Mascara by Benefit.
I didn't do much with the face this time, all I did was applied my CC Cream and face power and then added some bronzer for a little color.
For the lips I just added a nude lip color since I got so much going on with the eyes.
There you have it, my quick but not so simple fun and playful purple look. Say that five times fast.
What is your all time favorite mascara that you can't live without?
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!