Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Random Beauty News

Heyyy makeup lovers!!!!
I just wanted to do a random beauty blog tonight because I have two awesome high-end product sales I wanted to share with you girls, and I also want to let you girls know about a makeup contest that I just entered!
I can't really spend my money on makeup right now so I thought that it would be a good idea to let you girls know because maybe it’s time to buy some new makeup with your extra spending money. If you have any lol.
The first awesome sale is from Urban Decays Website:
They always have some kind of makeup product on sale on their website but it seems to me that the same products have been on sale for over a year now lol.
But there Feminine Dangerous & fun palettes and Eye shadow Primer Potion is 50% off for two days!!!!
If you need eye shadow and primer I would get this. It’s not every day when really good and expensive makeup goes on sale!
I am so happy that the eye shadow primers are on sale for $10 because I just mention these primers in my last video to help those who have oily eyelids!
I hope this help the girls who are in need of some good makeup!
The other sale is only at Sephora stores that are inside a Jcpenny store only and you need a beauty insider card. If you don't have one, no worries! All you need to do is sign up for one at or at one of their stores.
This sale is from the April 26 to the 28.
The reason why I am telling you about this sale is because are getting awesome makeup products for half the price!
Here is what will be on sale tomorrow!!!!
 photo 016340x198_zps4b3b67cf.jpg
 photo tzone340x202_zps1ae05845.jpg
 photo eyes340x149_zps1195ae1d.jpg
 photo sunkiss340x139_zps453650b7.jpg
 photo eye340x120_zpse571fd31.jpg
Also on April 27th they will be given a complementary makeup application of a bronzed look by using Too Faced products and you get a free gift along with the free look! Nice!
You can't go wrong with a good sale and somebody putting makeup on you for free!!!
I love when things are free. Don't you?
I hope these sales help you girls out!
One more thing I also want to let you makeup lovers know!
I enter a makeup contest called NYX Face Awards
I been waiting almost a year for this contest to begin again.
The NYX Face Awards is a contest on youtube where NYX will be looking for someone to be called The National Beauty Blogger of the Year on Youtube!
They are five different challenges.
Four are online and the last one is in LA.
The first challenge right now is to be in the top 30 to go on to the second round.
If I ever get to be one of the top six for the live makeup competition in LA then I will get a chance to win $25,000 and the title Beauty Blogger of the Year!
If I get to go to the second round of this makeup contest then I will need your support by voting for me on NYX website.
Go to if you want to know more about this contest
Have an almost happy Friday!
My favorite day of the week!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!