Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sports Team Inspired Makeup Tutorial: Boston Bruins!!!

Heyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
I am soo happy to have this video up finally, there was just way to much to edit this time. I hope you girls don’t get mad that the video is 22 minutes long because it was almost two hours long! But I am going to have to make a blooper video because the stuff we talk about was pretty funny and I believe it is always good to laugh no matter what! But I did leave some funny stuff in the video just not all of it, because I know for a fact that no one is going to be like “I would love to watch this girl apply makeup on her friend for two hours”. YEA RIGHT!
Also DON"T FORGET about my contest that will end on 4/13/2013. The prize most likely is makeup from The two winners will get a few of elfs new makeup products. I will be posting a blog this week on the prizes. Here is the link if you haven’t read about my awesome and fun contest!
Here is the LOOK!
 photo 007293x340_zps487d417b.jpg
 photo 004264x340_zps02a4585c.jpg
 photo 003254x340_zps28e72a77.jpg
 photo 002278x340_zps4d7e8920.jpg

Have an awesome saturday!!!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!