Saturday, March 30, 2013

Its that Time of Year Again.... Color of the Year!!

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!
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Last year was all about orange. Orange lips, eyes, cheeks, shoes, bags, and nails. Even though it was last year’s color of the year, it is still on the trend list. I am still in love with the color but I have to put down the orange lipstick and slowly walk away and pick up a pretty emerald eye shadow! That’s right the new color of the year is Emerald and you can bet that Sephora has made a beautiful makeup collection for that color. They have also created beautiful makeup looks too. Some I hate and some I just love.
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I have always loved when makeup companies make these wonderful sets or collections to go with themes like when Urban Decay made sets to go with the movie OZ, and Sephora for always making sets for the latest trends and of course the color of the year. The one thing I do hate about these makeup companies collections are the prices. That really pretty set to go with the color of the year is... drum roll please... $68.00!! The eye shadow palette alone is $26.
As much as I would love Sephora to bankrupt me I have all the eye shadows I need to create beautiful color of the year looks and that’s what I am going to do. :-) I kind of already made a look two weeks ago by accident. It is my most recent youtube video that I have posted this week. I will put it down below if you have not watched it and liked yet. hint hint.
Here is my challenge to you makeup lover:
Pick any makeup look down below to recreate with the products you already have or drug stores products. No new high end products like Urban Decay, Too Face, and so on. If you already had the product for a while that is fine.
Post a picture of it on my facebook page or send it to me by Email.
This challenge is US only. Sorry :(
This challenge will end on April 30th.
I will pick two winners and those winners will win something awesome from my favorite makeup company that I will be buying. :)

I just want to see you makeup lovers get creative with products you already have. You don't need to spend all kinds of money to be created and original.
I will be doing the challenge with you girls too but I promise I won't pick myself to be the winner hahaha.
This is just a fun challenge that I created and hope you girls will join me.
If you are under the age of 18 then please ask permission from your parents before doing this challenge. Please!!
Pick one of these Looks to recreate!
Bionic: Bold Graphic
 photo get_the_looks_look1_v2_zpsb18ef9d6.jpg
Shocked: Winged Liner
 photo get_the_looks_look2_v2_zps625808e3.jpg
Eclipsed: Soft Smoky
 photo get_the_looks_look4_v2_zpsf5b1112a.jpg
Elemental: Everyday Accent
 photo get_the_looks_look3_no_vid_zpsf5545570.jpg
Here is a link to see videos to see how-to on some of these looks!
Here is my info to my links:
Here is my awesome summer/color of the year look.

Now go have some fun recreated color of the year looks!
Hope you have a god day or night!
Happy Easter everyone!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover.