Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Great Escape Look

 photo 8ea8a7f3-8f2f-49f7-8fa9-d05845f157ab_zps7237118d.jpg

Heyyy makeup lovers!!!!
Here is a fun look for summer or on your vacation that I created from my March glam bag.
Sense I created this look I cannot wait for summer. I am so sick of the cold weather! Aren’t you?
In this video I tried my best to show you products that would be easy to travel with on your vacation. My best advice is to bring the makeup you know you are going too used. That is all I got because I have never really traveled anywhere to far, but that will all change in July because I will be going to Mexico for five nights. Then maybe I can give you the dos and don’ts on traveling with makeup lol. I don’t even think I will be able to wear any makeup because it is going to be soo hot. But if I could wear makeup then I would totally wear this look!
Hope you enjoy this look

Much Love from your crazy makeup lover!