Friday, March 8, 2013

Sports Team Inspired Makeup Tutorial: Boston Celtics/St. Pattys Day Look!

Heyyyy Makeup lovers!!!!
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I am soo happy to tell you girls that I will be doing Boston sports team inspired makeup looks. I am doing the Celtics first because this look will also be good for St. Patty’s day. If you are wearing this look for St. Patty’s and don’t like the white, than gold will be perfect for this look too!
This video is as fun as the look. I hope it will make you laugh and get inspired at the same time.
Since my friend Ally gave me the idea I decided to do all the looks on her. Not only does she help me out with letting me do all the sport looks, she also makes this video funny.
Before you watch my Makeup tutorial I do have to warn you that the noise you hear in the back ground is the fan in the bathroom light but no worries you can still hear us talk. Also my boggie(my camera) shut off on us in the middle of the look. :( I’m sorry but it only film up to the eyes. We took too long with all our silliness. haha
Soo to do this awesome look you will need to take a clover shaped stencil and place it on one side of the face and take any eye shadow brush and filled in the clover with green eye shadow and slowly take away the stencil and ta-da!! You have an awesome clover on your face. lol
Then if you want take some glitter glue and place some in the center of the clover and then place green glitter on it.
How cute and easy is that!?!
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If will make me and Ally very happy!
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Enjoy!! Much Love from your crazy makeup lover