Friday, January 18, 2013

The Many Different Kinds of Eyeliners


Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
I wrote this once before but I guess the words ran away from this page haha. They want nothing to do with me.
Since I know some of you are beginners with putting on makeup, I thought I should write about what I believe is one of the harder parts of doing makeup: perfecting your eyeliner. There are many different kinds of eyeliners, ranging from different textures and colors, to even ways to put them on. It is not very easy to put on when you don’t do it all the time. The only way you can ever get better with eyeliners is keep using them. Remember practice makes perfect! I would like to share with you are my picks for easiest eyeliners to work with, beginning with the easiest. Don't worry I am not going to make this into one of those long boring blogs because I am going to put them into two parts. :) Yay Remember, this is what I think and what I was working with, if you disagree, that's fine, but all ladies have different feelings about makeup

Eye shadow:
Now I'm sure everyone of you out there has at least one black and one brown eye shadow. However, whether or not all of you have an eyeliner brush is debatable. If you don't have one, I highly suggest investing in one. It will be one of the best things you have done. I'll tell you which ones I used in about a minute. Also you can use any color of eye shadow you want, I like to use blue as a fun eyeliner look.
For the softer look, take a small angled brush and dip it into the eye shadow of your choice. Next, start from the outer corner of the top and bottom lash into the inner corner of the eye. Just make a thin line for the top lash line. For the bottom, I suggest you take a smudge brush and smudge it under the eye. For a fuller lash line just take a angled eyeliner brush, dip it into the eye shadow and run it along the lash line. Sounds easy right...
Well that’s because it is! And if you want a more intense look just add more eye shadow!

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Small angled Brush

Eyeliner Pencil:

I’m sure you all have at least one eyeliner pencil. You may find this funny but for years I thought that the pencil was the only form of eye liner! Needless to say I was quite shocked to find that there was an entire new world of various eyeliners! Although I could play with all the different eyeliners, my old standby will always be the black pencil because of its ease of use. An easy trick to apply this is to start at the outer corner of both the top and bottom lash line and make little dots along the lash line. Next, connect all the dots to make a perfect line. Well nothing is ever perfect, but this will work a lot better than drawing a straight line. To make it look even better, take an eyeliner brush and blend the line(s) you just made to make it look like a more solid line, and also hide any mistakes.
Oh before I forget, here is a quick tip for all eyeliners: Always begin with a very small line and then build from that. You are less likely to make mistakes by doing this. Believe me I have done it a few times. :(

I hope these tips and tricks will help you get your perfect eyeliner look so far. I would love to go on more about eyeliners but it is way past my bedtime and have to up at 5:30am tomorrow. eek!! But no worries, I will have the second part up by Monday or Tuesday.
I hope you have a good day or night! And I also hope it is warm where you are because I am freezing.