Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gift Guide for that Crazy Makeup Lover in your Life: Must Haves

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
It almost my favorite time of the year!
The air gets colder, all the holiday movies start playing on TV, all the houses are all dress up for the cold winter nights, and most importantly all the high end brands come out with fun cute gift sets and palettes for the holidays. These sets make such a great gift to give for that crazy makeup lover in your life or maybe just for you! It is always smarter to buy a gift set from any high end brand because you are saving more than half of your money then if you were too just buy one full size product from that brand.
For example last year I brought a Tarte gift set for $50.00 that had blush, a full size eye shadow palette and about six lips glosses in a cute makeup case. If I were to buy just one blush form Tarte is would of cost me about $30.00. DO you see where I'm coming from? SO don’t feel bad about buying yourself one gift this year. Instead feel beautiful when you wear it.
I am doing my gift guide post early this year because I might be working a holiday job again and that means I won’t be blogging that much for a little while. I am going to try to do as much blogging as I can before I become a workaholic again. Blah.
Believe me I rather enjoy the holidays instead of working through them because I love this time for the year but I have a wedding and a future house to pay for. So if you have any request for makeup looks, let me know now so I can create them for you.
Now on with the future must have Christmas gifts!!!
My top Favorites that I think every girl should have:

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette $59 at Sephora, Ultra, and
I know I already have written so much about this product but this is so worth getting. It is such a fun palette for that girl that loves to have unique bold eye shadows in an edgy sleek case. It’s sleek and sexy!
I have been using this palette for most of my looks lately. I am so addicted to it.

Ocho Loco 2 $59.00 at Sephora and
These are just the most awesome eyeliners a girl could have. I have been using these with most of my makeup looks too. This is a perfect gift for anyone at any age because who doesn't like a good waterproof eyeliner that will stay on all day?

Makeup Academy Blockbuster $49.50 at Sephora
I have two of the blockbuster palettes that I have gotten in the last two years and I just love them because you can have just about any look you crave that day. The thing is this isn’t good for the girl that travels a lot because as you can tell they are really bulky and heavy. They also break really easy, so get this for the girl that keeps her makeup at home!

The Tarte of Giving Collector's Set & Travel Bag $59.00 at Sephora.
I have their last year gift set and I believe this set is perfect for the girl that travels because it comes in a neat travel bag and everything that comes with it is either sleek or small. The eye shadows are perfect to create an everyday eye and a night out on the town eye. Not only are you getting fun makeup but you also are getting two of the best skin care products any girl can have. The eye treatment and face oil is so helpful for the ones that want to keep their youthful skin in shape.
Stila Artist Essential Set $59.00 at Sephora.
All I got to say is this is perfect for the makeup artist in your life. Just look at it.

Too Faced Joy to the Girls $46.00 at Sephora and
Give this to the girl that loves the whole Christmas theme thing because this palette can't get any more Christmas if it tried. One of my favorite things about Too Faced is that they always have a theme and they stay with the theme by the names they give their eye shadows. Here’s is few of the eye shadows names that are in this palette:
Sugar Plum
Snow Angel
Spike the Punch
Don't these names just give you that warm Christmas feeling or is it just me?

Glitz & Glam Sephora Favorites $45.00
This is perfect for the girl that just wants a little bit of everything.
These last two must haves are going to throw you off because there neither a gift set nor makeup set but it is still perfect for the crazy makeup lover in your life.


These two fun necklaces have matching earrings if you want to go all out but this gift is perfect for the girl that has makeup for days and you are not sure if she has those products already or not.
I think this is a really cute gift to give your crazy makeup lover.
If you feel like this didn't help you or that you want something cheaper for a friend then no worries I have two more gift guides post coming your way. One is going to be $25.00 and under gift guide for those that want to give a little something to their friends or co-workers.
I hope this post help any of you girls!
Have an awesome weekend!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!