Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Makeup Should be a Want Not a Need

As much as I love to create makeup looks and learning about the next big new products I do have my lazy days with makeup. There are some days I just want to wear my favorite bright pink lipstick instead of wearing a full face of makeup. Like in this picture I just wore a light pink eye shadow with pink lips with no face makeup, not even wearing CC Cream. Just my naked face. See I am not afraid to go out in public wearing no makeup because I know I am beautiful with or without it. I wear makeup because I just love it. I love everything about it. I love that it can make you look more awake when you feel like the total opposite and how it can make you feel much more confident. I love the art of makeup too. I love to create looks for you girls because it is fun for me. I love to do my own and other people’s makeup because it is just one of my passions I just love to do. I know some people may think I wear makeup because they think I feel like I need too but that's not the case. I sometimes get comments like "you don't need makeup". No one needs makeup; makeup shouldn't be a need but a want. If you want to wear makeup to embrace your style or make a statement then you should. If you feel like you don't need it, then don't wear it. I feel like everyone is beautiful the way they are.
Don't wear makeup because you feel like you need it or someone says you’re ugly. Never use concealer to hide who you are.
Wear it if you want to show your fun side by wearing blue or green eyeliner, show your sexy side by rocking out a smoky eye, and show you neutral side by wearing pretty nudes and so on. There are no rules to makeup in my book but just one. Make sure people still recognize you. When I do makeup on other people I make sure they still look like themselves. I see pictures on Pinterest of girls that contour the crap out of their face and end up looking like a whole new person. That's cool that they can do that but why would you want to change the way you look. Don't get me wrong I love to contour too but not the whole face. It should be here and there not everywhere but that's my opinion. Makeup should enhance your look not change it. Be happy who you are with or without mascara!
Never be afraid to rock out your naked face!
Much love from your one and only crazy makeup lover!