Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Not the Raccoon Eyes!


Hello Makeup Lovers, I am here with a beauty tip that I have been using sense I was a teenager. Black eyeliner and mascara is the only makeup I can't live with out, they make my blue eyes pop. Yes I know black eyeliner is a little harsh on my light eyes, but that’s what I like about it. But what I really hate about black eyeliners and mascaras is that no matter what I will always have raccoon Eyes. Sometimes I will have them at the end of a really long work day, after I wash my face, or I will wake up to a scary raccoon with messy hair staring right back at me in the mirror. And what’s even worse then a raccoon eye is having an empty bottle of eye makeup remover. That’s ok, just put on some lipstick and hopefully you can pull off a new crazy look. Yep you can be the new Lady Gaga. No problem! Or people just won't notice. O just kidding, of course people are going to notice.

The truth is all you need is you daily face moisturizer, Q-Tipp, or a tissue. Very simple.


You just take a Q-Tip or tissue with a small amount of moisturizer and carefully whip all the black that’s around your eye. It will clean the black right off. I feel like it works way better then any eye makeup remover. But the only bad thing about it, you can't clean you eyelashes with it. You know want happens when you get moisturizer in your eyes. DO NOT USE BODY LONTIONS. It will sting and it’s not good for your face. Well the ones with perfume in it. I hope this tip will come in handy for you guys one day.

Stay raccoon eyes free.
What’s your favorite beauty tip that you learned?