Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

Happy 4th makeup lovers!!!

Hope everyone having a fun 4th or will have one.
If you are not at a cookout yet here is an awesome nail art to do. It’s really not that hard to do.


What you need:
Any: Base coat
White nail polish
Blue and red nail Polish
Top coat
If you want add gold or silver glitter nail polish. Only a little.
A paint brush, eyeliner brush, or a nail art brush.
You take the white nail Polish put it on top of the base coat. When dry take deep the nail art brush into the red and make a line drown the middle of you nail. Don’t worry about making a perfect sight line. As you can see in the pics I did not make perfect lines. Then after you clean of the nail brush with nail polish remover, take the blue and fill in the white lines. Let it dry a litte. But don't forget to add top coat to last longer and add some shine. I add some gold glitter to every other nail. You don’t have too if you take the red and blue is too much all ready.
See it not that hard to do and it’s just a fun and crazy way to celebrate the 4th.
If you need a makeup look for today or tonight then check out my video.

Have a fun and crazy day but safe at the same time. :)