Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fancy Schmancy Nails!


Hello Makeup lovers,

Are you going on a date? To a wedding? Or just someplace nice? Here is a cute, easy, and cheap nail idea for you all. There’s no need to go to the "Pick a colorr" ladies to get some fancy nail design. All you have to do is sick them on.

I didn't plan on putting the kiss Nail Dress Fashion that Sticks stickers on my nails. What happen was that I got a white nail polish in my glam bag last week. My first thought was "how am I going to pull off white nail polish. Then a light blub came popping right out of my head. I painted my nails white. Grab my nail stickers that I got from Wal-Mart and put them on every other nail. Well it wasn't that easy.

The kiss Nail Dress Fashion that Sticks stickers comes in so many different designs but if you want this one, then you’re in luck because Wal-Mart only carries this one. I have been to two different Wal-Marts and this was the only design that I could find. I know target has a few designs.
If you are going to use these for a nice event I would paint my nails the night before and put the stickers on a few hours before you go. That’s if you do a lot with your hands and want to keep them nice because they do like to peel off a little.


You can also put these on your toes too.
So I hope you guys get your stickers on.
Stay cool and safe on these hot summer days!