Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Makeup Look of the Season: Green and Gold Eyes!

Hey Makeup lovers!!!!!
Happy Christmas season everyone. Nothing like crowded stores, Traffic, overspending money, rude people, and high calorie foods to get you through the holiday season. I'm just kidding I love Christmas; it's my favorite time of the year! I love the lights, parties, foods, and music, family and just about everything about it. I especially love making fun makeup looks inspired by the Christmas season! Just like this easy fun gold and green eye.

There are so much more you girls can do with this look, but I just kept it simple for the busy girls out there. YOU can go more smoky or dramatic with this look but it's pretty just the way it is. If you want to know how to get this gold and green eye makeup look, then please read on.
For the eyes:
As always prime the eyes with you favorite eye primer, then if you want applied on a shimmery eyes base.
For the eyebrows you can used a shimmery or a matte highlight eye shadow but of course I used a fun shimmery eye shadow. Then applied on a fun shimmery gold shadow onto your tear duct and then onto the inner corners of your eyes.
Applied on a deep Christmas tree green shadow with some shimmer in it onto your lids and up to your crease.
Blend out the crease with your blending brush. I think I added a little bit of light gold into my crease too.
Then add more gold onto your tear ducts and into the inner corners of your eyes and blend the gold and green together a little.
I added a light shimmery copper shadow underneath my lower lash lines; this made my blues eyes pop.
For the eyeliner you can used whatever type you want. I used liquid eyeliner and then added a black shadow on top with chunks of sparkles. If you want your eyes soft looking then used a black eye shadow, but if you want the look to be more dramatic go with a cream or liquid eye liner. Like I said there is so much you can do with this look.
Of course don’t forget to add lots of mascara to your lashes!!!
For the face:
I didn’t really do anything to my face because I was just hanging around my house putting up Christmas decorations, but I would just add on a light color blush, a little bronzer and lots of high light to show off your Christmas glow!
I forgot what I used on my lips again but a nude pink or rosy pink would look good with this look.
I hope this is a good base to help you create a fun Christmas look for upcoming parties or gatherings!
Look forward to more fun and pretty Christmas looks!
What are you girls looking forward to this season?
Also would you girls like me to do a gift guide for this year? Let me know!
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!