Monday, December 22, 2014

Makeup Look of the Season: A glitter Christmas!!

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!!
I cannot believe Christmas is this week!!!! I hope all of you got your shopping done because it's going to be crazy the next few days with all those last minute shoppers out there. All I have to do is stocking stuffers now but those are so easy and fun to do. All you have to do is put random things and candies in a cute stocking.
Any who, I have a really cute and fun makeup look that can be great for both Christmas parties and New Year’s parties.
This was one of those looks that I was trying to copy from one of the YouTube makeup girls but I ended up changing it with the gold glitter eyeliner.
Like I wrote in my past post I like to make any makeup looks into my own style.
Sadly this is going to be the last Christmas look of this season but no worries there will be a fun New Year’s Eve look posted on here soon!!!
I am really happy and proud of this look not only is it really pretty but it came out way better then I thought it would. If you are not loving the glitter eyeliner then don't brother with it but I think the glitter really make this look fun and festive!
If you want to know how to get the glitter gold Christmas look then please read on!

For the eyes :
After applying on my eye primer I added on an eye base in a shimmer champagne color onto the eye lid.
I added on a matte white eye shadow on top of the eye base, on my tear ducts, and on my brow bone.
For the crease I apply a thin line of brown eye shadow along my crease line with a small angle brush and I blend it out with my blending brush.
I then applied a darker brown eye shadow into my crease.
I blend out the color and then added more matte white onto my eye lids and my brow bones.
Before the gold glitter I applied on a black cream eyeliner to my lop lash lines first to get the shape.
I then apply the gold glitter on the black eyeliner and made sure no black was showing. You can have some of the black eyeliner showing if you want but I wanted it to look like it was just glitter eyeliner.
To finish of the eyes I added black eyeliner onto my water lines and black mascara to my lashes.
If you are going to a party I would totally add false eyelashes to make this look pop!
For the face :
After I apply on my foundation and powder I apply a red cheek stain onto my cheeks and bronzer onto my temples, under my cheek bones, and jawline.
To get a nice glow I added highlighter onto my cheek bones, on my nose, and above my eyebrows.
For the lips :
The red stain I used on my cheeks I also used my lips before I put on my lip stick. I decided to put on a red classic lip stick to go with this look. This is such a perfect color for the holidays!
That's it for this look.
I hope you really like this fun glitter look to wear to any Christmas parties.
I hope you all have an amazing Christmas this year!
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!