Thursday, July 17, 2014

Benefit Fakeup Concealer Review

Heyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!

The Fakeup hydrating crease-control concealer is like magic in a tube, it's almost everything I need to wake up my skin in the mornings. I'm sure most people feel this way but I'm at my ugliest and worst in morning with my red eyes, dark circles, and big fizzy hairs going every which way. The red eyes and fizzy hair are an easy fix but for my dark circles I had to do some looking around. Also my skin likes to get dry underneath my eyes and I couldn't cover it up because my makeup would just make it more noticeable. So not only did I have dark circles but I also had dry bumpy skin, blah.
I been dying to try out this concealer but I really didn’t want to spend $24.00 on a product that I wasn’t sure about, but then Ulta Was giving away a free gift when you spend $40 or more on benefit products so I did a little shopping.
I love this product for so many different reasons; number one is making my skin look more alive by covering up my dark circles and brighten up my skin. I love how this product blends like a dream; it doesn’t cause me to pull at my skin like some concealers do. All you have to do is pat the product outward into your skin and it will blend in a matter of seconds, that’s why this is so perfect for the busy girls with no time in the mornings. Not only does this feel light on the skin but it also keeps it moisturize under my eyes for hours. The best part of this concealer is that it does not crease into my laugh lines. I hate calling them wrinkles at the age of 25 so to me they are laugh lines. I don’t know what it is but this product will not move into my laugh lines and you don’t need any powder to set the product, to me that is amazing! All the other concealers I have used would always cover really well but would cake up before the day was over and I hated that.
another good thing about this product is that if you do end up feeling dryness underneath your eyes, you can you use the moisturizing balm side of the stick and swipe it on, then smooth it out with your finger. I haven’t needed to do this yet sense it is summer time but I’m sure when the cold winter comes along I will need to do this. Not only is it an awesome product but it is also travel friendly!

Here are before and after pics.

What I like to do is first apply on my foundation or BB Cream and then I take the concealer and swipe it underneath my eyes, then I pat the product in an out-ward motion.

Now I more wake and ready for the day!
Have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!