Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Makeup Look of the Season: Summer Bronze Eyes with Orange Lips!

Heyyyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!! 
Happy Wednesday
I haven’t really been created many looks lately because I have been a little busy so I have been wearing one look a lot lately, well I may change one or two things to it from time to time but I have been wearing almost the same products which is crazy for me. I have so much makeup that I usually use something different in most of my looks, but sense I have been tight on time lately it just faster to grab what’s in my makeup bag. This look is a very pretty everyday look but it's reminds me of summer so this is going to be one of my summer looks.
This look is perfect for my blue and green eye makeup lovers and also for my tan lovers. I think bronze eye shadows and orange lips look soo beautiful on people with tan skin. Tan skin just makes those colors pop more!
If you want to know how to get this summer bronze eyes and orange lips look then please read on!

For the eyes:
After I applied eye primer all over my eyes I took a rosy brown eye shadow and blend it into my crease.
With a flat eye shadow brush I applied a really shimmery but dark bronze eye shadow all over the lids.
To lighten the eyes up I patted on a light golden bronze color with lots of shimmer in it onto the middle of my eyelids.
I also use the same color for underneath my lower lash lines but I also used the eye shadow trick from my Naked3 palette which is almost the same color but trick has a lot more gold and sparkles in it.
For my tear ducts, inner corner of my eyes, and brow bones I applied a matte white eye shadow with a hint of pink in it and then on my tear ducts and inner corners I added a shimmer champagne color on top of the white for that nice pop to the look.
I can't really remember what I used as eyeliner for my top lash lines but I have been using a brown black eye liner pencil and topping it off the Blackheart from my Naked3 palette which is a black eye shadow with rosy red glitter in it.
I decided not to put any eyeliner on my waterlines that day because I wanted my eyes to look more open.
Then of course I applied mascara for the grand finale.
For the face:
After I applied foundation and powder all over my face I applied bronzer to my temples, under my cheek bones, and on my jawlines.
Now for the cheeks I been using Be a... Bombshell The One Stick in Girl Crush on my cheeks. This is a sheer rose color blush with a hint of gold glitter in it. This color looks like it sparkles on your cheeks. Its sooo pretty.
Then of course I applied my all-time favorite highlighter M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle onto my cheekbones and I also added a little on top of the blush because these two color together make the perfect summer time glow. They are so gorgeous and perfect together. Its gives me the perfect glow, like the J.lo glow but for white girls.
For the Lips:
I applied this really pretty pinky orange lipstick by Estee Lauder in the color Melon and top it off with a sheer orange lip gloss.
that's it.
I hope you like this look and don't be afraid to try orange lipsticks; it’s a fun color to wear during the hot summer days.
I hope you have a good day or night!!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!!!