Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Makeup Look Of the Day: Pink with a Pop of Blue!

Heyyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!!!!!
I hope you are having an awesome Tuesday!!!
This look is super easy and fun.
I didn't apply any face makeup because I ran out of time, which has been happening to me a lot lately blah.
Well at least my eyes look fantastic!
To know how to get this pretty pink with a pop of blues eyes then please read on!
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For the eyes:
After I apply the eye primer all over my lids I blend a matte pinky brown shadow into my crease.
I then apply a baby pink shadow with a hint of shimmer and sense there was only a hint of shimmer I added a shimmer powder by MICA Beauty Cosmetics called Earth right on top of the pink shadow.
I can't really remember what I used for my tear ducts, I don't know if I used a shimmer light gold color or the light sliver shadow, but either one will be fine to used.
I do know I used a matte nude shadow for my brow bones because I knew I didn't want to add any more shimmer to my look.
For underneath my lower lash lines I applied a pretty rose gold shadow and then line them with a very pretty shimmer blue liquid liner, I went a little up and past my lashes.
I believe I line my top lash line with a black liquid liner but I only did a small line because I didn't want the look to be too dramatic.
Then of course I finish off the eyes with black eyeliner to my water lines and black mascara.
For the lips I applied on a pretty mauve pink by NYX Butter Gloss in Éclair.
I am loving this lip gloss I think I might have to buy a few more!!!
I hope you like this look if not then there are pictures of cute kittens to make up for it. :)

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Hope you have a good day or night!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!!!