Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello makeup lovers!! My O My it’s almost that time of year again where everyone’s tan, glowy, and gorgeous but me. Every year I go to Wal-Mart and Target to buy there self tanners but once I get there I turn around and buy something else. Every time I pick up a tan in a bottle I always have this picture in my head of a bight orange version of me. So then I tell myself I will go into that oven at my gym and finely get that tan but then I get another picture but this time it’s my cells turning into cancer cells. So every year I am white as a ghost or red as a lobster. There is no winning for me when it comes to getting a tan. Then last week I was at Wal-Mart looking for sun screen, yea just sun screen I wasn't even going to try to take a look at the self tanners this year. But of course I had to change my mind when I saw Jergens new Natural Glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20 for fair to medium skin tones. What I been doing for almost a week now is putting this stuff all over my body every morning letting it dry for a few minutes before getting dress. After a few days I can see that i have a little color. Its wasn't too tan it just look natural. It’s been about a week now and I have that nice glow that I always wanted. I even skip one day of not putting on the moisturizer but I still have that glow. Not only do you get a nice glowy tan it also makes your skin really soft. I'm happy to stay this is one of the best products I have found this year. Now tell me what is your favorite drug store product you have discovered this year?