Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wedding Makeup!

Heyyyy Makeup Lovers!!!
Sorry I haven’t been writing in a while, well to be fair I have been writing posts I just haven’t been able to finish any of them lately. I have like two blog posts that I have neglected in my save files and two subjects that I have been wanting to write for a few weeks now. It's crazy how badly I miss writting in my blog but when I have time I'm just too lazy to do anything lol. I feel like all my weekends have been busy but fun lately but I knew it was going to be like that for me since I have wedding planning to do, a niece that’s on the way and a makeup job.
Saturday I had an awesome makeup job to do at five in the morning to put makeup on six beautiful women. Since it was a day wedding I tried to make the makeup simple but pretty. For the bridesmaids I did Shimmery eyes with some browns but for the Maid of honor I did a light pink eye with some shimmer and browns. I don't really have pictures of them right now but I do have pictures of the bride when I did a makeup trail with her. For the bride I did a brown smoky eye with a little sparkle and shimmer to it. The bride (Dawn) really wanted a smoky eye for her wedding day but she was getting married in the morning. For a day wedding you really don't want to apply on dark makeup like the color black because in the pictures it can sometimes look like two black holes instead of the beautiful dark smoky eyes that looks good in person. Makeup will always look different in the pictures then in person. I know it sounds funny but it’s the truth. So for the bride I wanted to give her what she wanted but at the same time I wanted her to look good in the pictures so I used browns instead of blacks and grays shadows for her smoky eye. We both loved the way it turned out.
I wish I had the wedding pictures to show you how well dawns and all the girls makeup turn out that day but here’s is a picture of when I did a makeup trail on her.

Once I have them I will show them off.
I can’t tell you girls how much I love doing wedding makeup, I love getting to know new people, crazy rush of getting everyone ready, and I especially loved the before and after of all the beautiful woman I applied makeup on.
I hope you girls have a good day or night!!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!