Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: Perversion Mascara and Black Velvet 24/7 Eye Pencil by Urban Decay

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!!!
In my last two Ispy bag (glam bags) I have gotten two of the newest Urban Decay products. They’ve got a lot of new products out and more on the way!! You didn't hear it from me but the vice 3 is coming out soon!!! I cannot wait for it!!! I'm still loving the vice 2, I use the vice 2 palette all the time but it does not look like it. I still have a lot of eye shadows, I only hit pan on one of the eye shadows and I’ve had this palette for almost a year.
I should stop writing about what’s coming out and should be writing about what is out right now. I got to tell you I wasn't too crazy about these two products when they first came out because I already have so many eye pencils and mascaras because of the Ispys bags. I don't know what it is with them but they love to give out eye pencils and mascaras. I am not complaining because it’s good to have them for my makeup kit as well. Plus I’m always losing an eye pencil as soon as I’m am beginging to love it. Makeup is funny to me; I will begin loving a product or hating a product right away then my opinion changes after using it for a while.

I guess I should begin with the 24/7 Velvet glide-on eye pencil in black velvet sense I gotten this one first in my bag. You girls probably had the same question as I did when I first heard about the Velvet Pencil. How is this so different from Urban Decays Glide-on Pencil? Yes it does have the same benefits as the original 24/7 Glide-on Pencils:
Creamy to glide on and to blend
Waterproof for a long lasing results
SO what are the differences?
This product is made for the smoky eyes lovers! This pencil blends way easier to help you create those soft smoky velvet edges that so many of you makeup lovers crave in a smoky eye. This pencil in my opinion makes the perfect smoky lines than any other pencil I have used. The ones that did the same effort as these Velvet pencils wouldn’t stay in place but after this product sets it stays on until you take it off, but it is does not stay on my waterlines good as original 24/7 Pencils. These Pencil were made for smudging unlike their siblings the 24/7 pencil. They are really hard to smudge because they set in 30 seconds. I feel like it takes a minute or so for the Velvet to set but you still need to work fast with them but not as fast as 30 seconds. As you see both the Pencils have pros and cons to them but their pros are amazing.
The 24/7 Velvet Pencils come in six different velvet colors for $20 each on,, and
Perversion Mascara Bigger. Blacker. Badder.
How many times have we herd companies saying how they made a clump free lengthening and volumizing black mascara that clumps and didn’t do one or the other? Tons!
Urban Decay did a really awesome job on their formula, it is so creamy that it glides onto my lashes like a dream. I love how it is so buildable, I can pile on as much mascara I need without fallouts and added clumps upon clumps. Urban Decay claims that you can add more mascara on hours later to touch up on your lashes without it clumping on you. I tried it out and they were right, you can touch up on your mascara which is pretty useful for the day to night people that want to touch up on their makeup. Perversion will make your eyes bigger and brighter while given you long lasting beautiful clump free lashes. I feel like this product gives you the right amount of length to the lashes. I’m really liking this mascara more every time I use it. When I don’t have time to add any makeup I just put this onto my lashes and I look brighter and awake. I’m not saying this is the best mascara ever because after using so many mascaras I've come to find out there is no such thing as a perfect Mascara or any product for that matter, but there are really good products out in this big world of beauty and this is one of them!
The Perversion Mascara is $22 on, and they all come with a free deluxe sample of Subversion Lash Primer

I only have on the Mascara on in this pic, I wore a different one of the original 24/7 eyeliner today. It was the color twice baked.
I hope this review help you girls out! If it did don't just thank me, you also need to thank my cute assistant Duke!

I hope you have a good day or night!
Much love from your crazy makeup lover!!