Saturday, January 7, 2012

you dont need make up. yes true buttt...

Why do you always wear makeup? You don't need any make up. With your entire make up collection you can make a new face. Yes it’s true we beautiful girls don't need any make up, cute hair dos, and awesome outfits. But having none of those things to me is like having a house with no furniture, rugs, and paint on the walls. I mean do you want your world to be nothing in it come on you want colors nice and cute things, you want to add a little bit of you in it, just like putting make up on you are adding you! Yes make up doesn’t give us our personality, brains, or all the great stuff we do. You see when I put my makeup on every morning I feel like an artist just touching up her beautiful art work, I'm not changing or giving my self a whole new face I'm enhancing my already beautiful face. I like to add bronze and gold colors on my eyelids to make my blue eyes pop or put some hot pink lip stick to show off my full lips. See enhancing not changing. I think it’s good to add color into your life. So next time when someone says you don't need any makeup. Just say why I just enhancing my already beautiful face. What do you like to enhance about yourself? Meaning what do you like about about your self? what do you do to make it stand out?